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Just like the HE900, it’s predecessor, this fire fits into your standard 16” x 22” builders opening, or precast flue if the PCF version is ordered. No building work, lintels, mess or costly installation. The fabric of your home will remain intact but you will benefit from a landscape large format gas fire with beautifully crafted logs and colourful dancing flames. Ask your retailer for the different fireplace design options available with the HE950L, they will be able to deliver a suite to compliment the style of your living room.


Wildfire HE 950L Seville Suite

  • 75% Efficiency 

    Slide Control, Log Fuel Bed and Natural Gas

    Heat Input (High) 6.9KW - Heat Output (High) (XE Manual Control) 4.6KW

    Heat Input (Low) (XE Manual Control) 3KW - Heat Output (Low) (XE Manual Control) 1.9KW



    A) 800MM

    B) 520MM

    C) 620MM

    D) 162MM

    E) 111MM

    F) 553MM


    Mantel Dimensions

    A) 1320MM
    B) 1320MM
    C) 967MM
    D) 400MM
    E) 235MM (STD)
    E) 290MM (PCF)
    F) 165MM (STD)
    F) 220MM (PCF)
    G) 803MM
    H) 624MM


    Please feel free to come and view this suite on live display!!!


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