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No longer are you restricted to choosing a narrow slimline fire for your precast flue. After years of development, innovation and patent applications the precast gas fire market has changed. Ask your retailer to demonstrate this wonderful appliance, with its clean European styling, stunning log and flame ensemble with easy slide for ignition and control, nothing compares. The Dawin suite completes this inspirational fireplace the warmest and most welcome addition to your living room. Experience the future with the HE900PCF…


Wildfire HE 900 Dawin Suite

  • Slide Control, Log Fuel Bed and Natural Gas

    83% Efficiency

    Heat Input (High) 6.75KW - Heat Output (High) 5.1KW

    Heat Input (Low) - 3KW Heat Output (Low) 2.1KW



    A) 659MM

    B) 640MM

    C) 740MM

    D) 217MM

    E) 56MM

    F) 553MM


    Mantel Dimensions

    A) 1220MM

    B) 1143MM

    C) 1024MM

    D) 65MM

    E) 663MM

    F) 1220MM

    G) 744MM

    H) 235MM

    I) 381MM

    J) 220MM (PCF)

    J) 165MM (STD)


    *Pre-cast flues require PCF model

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