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The Wildfire product range includes many products which have been designed and approved with efficiency at their core.
By utilising the broad range of trim that Wildfire provides, you can choose the mood of your room from Contemporary to Tradition. It is available with pebble or coal fuel bed options and offers an impressive radiant heat output.

The Ceralis XE is a powerful slimline appliance that will fit into all flue types. This appliance delivers a massive heat output, keeping your home warm and your energy bills low. Offering the heat and efficeincy of most full depth fires in the amrketplace but the versatility that very few fires offers. Will also have a solution for the smaller pre cast flues. An additional spacer can be purchased that will enable the appliance to be fitted into a 100mm cavity.

Fuel Bed: Pebbles or Coal
Control: Manual, Slide
Flue: Suitable for Class I and II & Pre cast
Efficiency: 60%
Heat Output : 4.1kW
Dimensions W x H x D (mm): 352 x 533 x 123

Wildfire Ceralis Inset Gas Fire

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