The UK-designed Bucklesham 40FS and 50FS multifuel stoves features a full size cast iron door giving a wide and impressive view of the fire. A gently contoured door profile and a cast iron convector top plate ensures that the Bucklesham stove offers a stylish yet practical addition to any fireplace setting.

With its clean burning performance, high efficiency and controllable heat output, the Bucklesham stove ensures that it is both a delight to use and to watch gently swirling flames whilst enjoying the warming heat. 

The Bucklesham is available in both 4.5kW and 6kW nominal outputs.

Pevex Bucklesham 40Fs Stove

  • Features

    • 4.5kW nominal output

    • Full size cast iron door

    • Cast iron convector top plate

    • Pevex clean burn technology


    • Available in 4.5kW and and larger 6kW nominal outputs

    • Available in various enamel coating colours

    • 110mm and 160mm long legs

    • Tested and approved to EN13240 for wood and approved smokeless fuel

    • Smoke Exemption Approved for use in smoke control areas