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Energis Range - Open Fronted, Maximum Efficiency! 

With the introduction of our Energis range, Nu-Flame raised the bar on the performance of open fronted Fuel Effect Gas Fires. Not content to stop there, due to its success we have now expanded our range! No other range of open fronted fuel effect gas fires comes close to the energis range for its combination of Efficiency, Heat Output, Style and Low Running Costs, with efficiencies independently verified to the latest British Standard. With instant control, no mess, and low emissions, Energis high efficiency gas fires are the ideal choice for your room heating requirements.


The Energis Ultra 2 has an efficiency of 77% and heat output of 4.82kW, which are phenomenal figures for an open fronted fire. The fact that we have accomplished this without compromise to the classic styling of the fire is another achievement altogether. With a superb choice of frames, frets and finishes the Energis Ultra 2 can be configured to complement any style of room.


Manual, 3 Button Fully Sequential High Level or Fully Sequential Remote

Natural Gas or LPG
Class 1 Efficiency: 77.0% Net (Nat.Gas) 77.0% Net (LPG)
Output on High: 4.82kW (Nat.Gas) 4.81kW (LPG)

Nu Flame Energis Ultra (NG) Gas Fire

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