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A fine reproduction beam of immense character and statue. Our constructional techniques really do show off the original details to perfection, every knot, grain and fine detailing is captured from the original Dartmoor barn it was taken. A deep beam with more slimline projections from the chimney creates a stunning visual delight. This beam appears so realistic you can nearly smell the fine oak timber aroma seeping from the original. 

Newman Dartmoor

  • Standard widths:

    48" (1220mm), 54" (1372mm), 60" (1524mm).

    Special width sizes available up to 64" (1625mm) wide subject to request. 

    Depth: 70mm. Height: 200mm. 

    Size of model shown: 48" (1220mm), and 64" (1625mm)

    Available in light oak and dark oak finish. 

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