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The smallest landscape model in the eReflex range of electric fires, the Gazco Skope 85R heater creates a minimalist, single-sided hole in the wall style fire with exceptional flame visuals.

The Gazco eReflex 85R electric fire (formerly known as Skope) features a powerful Chromalight ember bed which dynamically lights the fuel effects below for a sparkling ever-changing display. Providing a relaxing, mood-enhancing illumination whether set to natural amber or one the 13 other atmospheric colour choices. For a gradually changing spectrum, the eReflex fuel bed lighting can also transition through each colour.

Installation of the 85R fire is designed to be raised up from the ground and into a wall, the e-Reflex 85R requires sufficient space to accommodate the appliance depth of 270mm usually a stud wall is constructed to house the product.

The eReflex energy-saving features manage the heating power to meet the temperature you desire, and will also switch off the 2kW of heat in the event a window is opened.


  • Flame options of amber, blue, amber with blue accent
  • Fuel effects including logs, grey & clear pebbles and a crystal ice effect
  • Thermostatic remote for ambient heating
  • Ecodesign compliant
  • Dynamic, sparkling fuel bed lighting with 13 vibrant colours
  • Landscape style electric heater

Gazco eReflex 85R Inset Electric Fire


    SKU 210-009
    BRAND Gazco
    WIDTH 900mm
    HEIGHT 380mm
    DEPTH 270mm
    STYLE Contemporary
    WARRANTY 2 Year
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