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Great Beams are cut from the heart of the oak log and therefore reveal lots of character including knots, splits and shakes. Every beam is unique. Skilful workmanship further enhances the beam with progressive levels of ageing (Rustic, Dressed, Aged and Extremely Aged). Each beam is then beautifully finished with your choice of colour.


Please Note: Great Beams are made from Air-dried Oak and are not available in Prime Oak, Timber or Pine.

Focus Solid Oak Great Beam For Stoves

  • Dimensions Metric (mm) Imperial (inches)
    Profile 190 x 140 71⁄2 x 51⁄2
    Standard Length 1067 42
    Standard Length 1220 48
    Standard Length 1372 54
    Bespoke Lengths Up to 3 metres Up to 118"
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