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Nothing beats the warmth and glow of the Tuscany when you return home from your day. A modern take on the wider traditional stove, the Tuscany has a presence and power that is simply striking. The Tuscany is a perfect stylish statement for modern or tradition.

The stoves' solid all-cast construction has a larger viewing area which offers an unparalleled focus on its irresistible flames. The Tuscany has a built in Airwash system. Airwash is a design feature that uses a specially placed vent or vents to draw in air from the outside to wash over the inside of the glass. This helps to keep the glass clean, allowing you to enjoy the glow and flames to the full (Stovax 2018).

The ICast Tuscany is DEFRA approved. "Defra exempt stoves" (the proper terminology) or SE (smoke exempt) are stoves that are cleared to burn specified fuels in smoke control areas, fuels which are usually disallowed. In our case this means wood (which is disallowed in a smoke control area unless in a DEFRA stove).

The Tuscany has a nominal heat output of 8KW, with an efficiency of 81% when burning wood, and 82% when burning Anthracite.

The ICast range are certified and tested to European standards (BS EN 13240). Make a statement with the Tuscany 8KW.


F2 Tuscany 8 Stove

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