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Behold the delight of a single, integrated fireplace with advanced gas technology, that’s the marvel of the Vamella. The innovative design of the exquisite micro marble encases the glass-fronted fire to create a true partnership of timeless beauty. Taking in every inch of the vast space, the flames will draw your gaze in to appreciate the glorious warmth of the fire. Easy to fit, ignite and operate, the Vamella will satisfy your desire for a visionary masterpiece.


52" complete gas fireplace available in Manila and White micro marbleMade to fit into any pre-cast flue



Elgin & Hall Vamella Gas Suite

  • Finish: Manila / White micro marble
    Dimensions: W:1320mm x H:1137mm x D:400mm
    Hearth: Standard Lipped
    Lights: N/A
    Remote Control: N/A
    Heat Output: 5.1kW
    Energy Efficiency Class: 

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