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The deepline fitting enables the fire bed to stretch further back, extending the vista of smouldering embers and playful flames within the open fronted space. The Exclusive trim (left) shows how the highly reflective Chrome finish brightens the mood, whilst natural flame variation endlessly captivates your attention and the radiant heat makes a substantial difference to home comfort.



Open Fronted Smartslide and Manual control

Suitable for Brick Chimney, Pre-Fabricated Flue and Pre-Cast Flue

5 year warranty


Elgin & Hall Deepline Radiant Gas Fire

  • Finish: Exclusive - Black / Brass / Brushed Steel / Chrome
    Devotion - Brass / Brushed Steel / Chrome / Nickel
    Width: 510mm
    Height: 610mm Inset Depth: 173mm
    Inset Width: 403mm
    Inset Height: 553mm
    Heat Output (min): 1.5/1.3kW or 1.6/1.4kW (Canopy)
    Heat Output (max) 3.2kW or 3.4kW (Canopy)
    Efficiency: 52.6% or 55.2% (Canopy)
    Energy Efficiency Class: F

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