Blifthfield 5 Multifuel Stove


£1,049.00 £786.00

Heat Output 3.5kw – 9.5kw – No Air Vent Required – Nominally Tested At 5kw.

7 Year Warranty With This Stove!

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With an elegant and timeless design a Clock Stove makes any setting feel warm and welcoming. A Clock Stove provides an excellent view of the fire, is over 80% efficient and boasts a very impressive output range of 3.5kw to 9.5kw whilst meeting the most stringent emissions tests.
Clock Stoves are 100% manufactured in the UK using only the highest quality materials. Each stoves has a fabricated steel body, cast iron door with stainless steel handles and fittings. A log store and a variety of colour options are also available upon request.
Clock Stoves have been tested for use with “smoke control areas” and carry the DEFRA seal of approval. The Clock Range also ensure full compliance with new Ecodesign 2022 legislation. Ecodesign 2022 is the European wide programme to lower emissions and increase the environmental benefits of wood burning stoves. You can be sure that when you purchase your Ecodesign ready Clock Stove that it is future proof and already incorporates the most advanced technology available.