Valor Inspire 500


 Please note that as this fire is made to order and with control, interior choices and trim choices it may take up to 2 weeks from ordering this product to fitting.
Also the prices varies on what options you choose from so please note the price stated is the starting price.
Please contact us for a more accurate price for the fire that you desire. 



Combining design inspiration with innovative performance, the Valor Inspire 500 is a new landscape gas fire that delivers the perfect package for your home. It gives quality, flexibility and all the atmosphere of a standout feature fire in your living room. A focal point fire has almost always been at the heart of the British home. Nothing can beat the warmth, realism and control of a gas fire.
The Valor Inspire 500 has five different interior linings, mirrored glass, vermiculite, black, slate and brick. 
The Valor Inspire 500 also has nine different trim options with the option of also having none at all. 
You can also choose from two control types, remote and fireslide.