Nu-Flame Synergy Perspective

The Synergy Perspective features a completely glassed front, yet boasts an impressive net efficiency of 83%. The innovative design gives a great flame pattern, an outstanding heat output of 5.1-5.2kW.

This system comes with two different remote control options. One of them is the standard remote controlling startup and flame size/heat output while the other has a thermostatic control letting you set a temperature and then walk away while the fire takes care of itself!!!

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  • Gas Type: Natural Gas or LPG
  • Class 1 Efficiency: 83.1% Net (Natural Gas) 83.3% Net (LPG)
  • Output on High: 5.2kW (Natural Gas) 5.1kW (LPG)
  • Ventilation: Not normally required
  • Interiors: Brick, slate, black, vermiculite, reflective vitreous
  • Flue Types: Class 1 or 2, Pre-Cast
  • Fuel Effects: Silver Birch or Dark log
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