Gazco – Studio Duplex


Maximum Heat Output – 7.9kW
Maximum Efficiency – 82%



Studio Duplex Gas Fire From Gazco

This is the Studio Duplex made by Gazco and has a large 7.9kW maximum heat output and a large 82% efficiency too. The gas fire as mentioned comes with a large heat output of almost 8kW which heats from both sides of the gas fire meaning you could have 2 rooms or both sides of the wall getting up to 3.95kW each. The efficiency is also very generous too with up to 82% efficiency meaning that as well as it’s beautiful looks and style you get more heat for your money compared to some other gas fires which are usually so inefficient that they are considered to be just decorative only. In regards to style, this gas fire obviously has it’s unique double sided view. However it doesn’t stop there, the fireplace still has beautiful features such as the log fuel bed which also has a subtle glowing ember bed as well as a choice of either a Vermiculite lining and Black Reeded lining each adding it’s own look. You also have a variety of choice regarding the frames design and a multitude of choice concerning the finish of the frames too however some finishes are exclusively for certain frames. You can have a look below for more details on the frame and finish options available. Frame Dimensions – Width x Height:
– Edge – 37″ (945mm) x 16.5″ (416mm)
– Profil – 41″ (1036mm) x 20″ (510mm)
– Bauhaus – 41.5″ (1050mm) x 20.5″ (524mm)
– Expression Steel – 45″ (1140mm) x 24″ (614mm)
– Steel 2 – 59″ (1500mm) x 21″ (528mm)
– Verve – 59″ (1500mm) x 21″ (528mm)
– Glass – 59″ (1500mm) x 21″ (528mm)
Frame Finishes (Frame):
– Anthracite (Bauhaus & Profil)
– Polished Stainless Steel (Bauhaus & Profil)
– Graphite (Steel 2, Verve & Expression Steel)
– Iridium (Steel 2)
– Black Glass (Glass)
– Metallic Red (Steel 2, Bauhaus, Profil, Verve & Expression Steel)
– Metallic Blue (Steel 2, Bauhaus, Profil, Verve & Expression Steel)
– Metallic Bronze (Steel 2, Bauhaus, Profil, Verve & Expression Steel)
– Ivory (Steel 2, Bauhaus, Profil, Verve & Expression Steel)