Gazco – Studio 22


Maximum Heat Output – 5.75kW
Maximum Efficiency – 78%



Studio 22 Gas Fire From Gazco

Available in a range of frames and backings as well as the other Gazco gas fires, the Studio 2 also has a more unique design as well as large 5.85kW maximum heat output. The style of the stove is completely up to you with the exterior being totally optional with there being many frames to choose from and many more finishes for some of the frames. However the style is mainly contemporary for most of the frames and finishes that are available. The gas fire is also, rather obviously, designed to have add a vertical presence which makes it even more unique as well as a very personal touch of style by you. The Studio 22 gas fire also features a high efficiency of 78% meaning rather than a ‘just for looks’ and ‘decorative’ gas fire which would require a lot of input to receive enough heat for a room. The Studio 22 achieves this by it’s stunning log-effect fuel bed which incorporates a special heat retaining lining. You also have the thermostatic remote control as well as the flat touch control panel which can be placed up to 2.5 metres away. These control options thus allow you to have even more accurate control from the igniting of the stove to the heat output that it gives out. Key Facts:
– Maximum Heat Output – 5.75kW
– Balanced Flue
– Fuel Bed – Logs
– Vermiculite Lining
– Thermostatic Remote Control (Included)
– Maximum Efficiency – 78%
– Glass Fronted
– Huge Choice Of Frames & Finishes
– Frame – Width x Height
– Edge – 16.5″ (423mm) x 40.5″ (1029mm)
– Profil – 20″ (510mm) x 41″ (1036mm)
– Bauhaus – 20.5″ (524mm) x 41.5″ (1050mm)
– Steel – 26.5″ (675mm) x 52″ (1320mm)
– Expression Steel – 24″ (614mm) x 45″ (1140mm)
– Verve – 26.5″ (676mm) x 52″ (1320mm)
– Sorrento – 36″ (914mm) x 51″ (1290mm) Finishes:
– Anthracite (Bauhaus & Profil)
– Polished Stainless Steel (Bauhaus & Profil)
– Graphite (Steel, Verve & Expression Steel)
– Iridium (Steel)
– Natural Limestone (Sorrento)
– Graphit Granite (Sorrento)
– Metallic Red (Steel, Bauhaus, Profil, Verve & Expression Steel)
– Metallic Blue (Steel, Bauhaus, Profil, Verve & Expression Steel)
– Metallic Bronze (Steel, Bauhaus, Profil, Verve & Expression Steel)
– Ivory (Steel, Bauhaus, Profil, Verve & Expression Steel)