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Look through the glass front at the glowing panorama and realistic variations in flame colour stretching back across the deep line coal bed. You can see why Elgin & Hall waited until technology could deliver maximum visual delight before launching their gas fire range. This Utopia is the most generous in terms of display and most economical in running costs with an outstanding 89% efficiency rating. Available with smart slide control only.

Suitable for chimney types

  • Brick Chimney | Pre-Fabricated Flue

Heat input

  • High: 5.5kW | Low: 2.5kW

Heat output

  • High: 4.5kW | Low: 2.0kW 

Choice of trims and finishes

  • Exclusive trim: Brass, Brushed steel, Chrome and Black
  • Devotion trim: Black/Chrome, Black/Brass, Black/Nickel and Black/Brushed Steel