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Open fronted Convector full depth gas fire with 2 styles of trims available in a total of 8 finishes!

You can alter the flames of the Velocity with only a touch of the slide control, to raise or lower the heat and flames, or choose the standard manual control for a more streamlined look.

the radiant heat from the deep coal bed is supplemented by a convection system. This cleverly draws in room temperature air via an inlet at the base of the fret, passes it through a heat exchanger and expels it as super-heated air over the canopy back into the room. This technology not only boosts the heat output to 3.8kW but also the efficiency to 62%.

  • Open fronted fire
  • 62% efficient
  • Slide control operation
  • Wide choice of finishes
  • Suitable for Brick chimneys or Pre-Fabricated flues
  • 5 year warranty
PRices –
VELOCITY Full Depth Gas Fire Manual Control Slide Control
Design Trim – All Colours £391 £480
Cast Trim – All Colours £506 £573
Extra Information –

Heat Input: 6.75kW (high) | 3.0kW (low)
Heat Output: 3.8kW (high) | 1.7kW (low)

Velocity with Design trim
Width: 510mm
Height: 610mm
Depth: 198mm
Inset Width: 402mm
Inset Height: 553mm

Velocity with Cast trim
Width: 510mm
Height: 630mm
Depth: 198mm
Inset Width: 402mm
Inset Height: 553mm