Post Box – Wall Mounted


Available in 4 Colours – Black, Red, White or Green
Dimensions – Height 45cm x Width 45cm



This is the wall mounted post box made from aluminium and is available in Black, Red, White or Green. You get 2 keys for the front of the post box to open the front flap itself to get your mail easily. There are 2 small holes in the back panel of the post box so that you can hook the post box onto the wall and remove it easily too. With a unique design the post box will also stand out with its beautiful design.
Look below for more colour options available:
SN - 1196 - Red Wall Mounted Post Box

SN - 1197 - Green Wall Mounted Post Box

SN - 2433 - White Wall Mounted Post Box

SN - 196 - Black Wall Mounted Post Box