Medium Metal Giraffe Statue


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Sure to catch peoples attention! You may have seen our Giraffes at the front and back of our shop.

The main surface of the Giraffe is made up of small metal discs which are painted in a Giraffe-like colours and the tail and back neck are made from small long strips of metal which are also painted. The Medium Giraffes are 282cm high with a width of about 145cm once assembled.


The assembly is simple, as the main parts are already constructed, and just need screwing together. Please note the the back of the Giraffes neck and the end of the tail is made from small but sharp metal strips so please be careful when assembling them parts.

There are 2 more sizes of Giraffe available, each with a different pose. The small model is 230cm high and the large Giraffe model is 370cm high.

Our Giraffes can be delivered locally for free, or are available for pick-up yourself.

The Giraffes take roughly 7-10 days to order in.