Flamerite – Junai

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  • A choice of Omni 2 or OmniGlide concealed heat with infinity flame picture and enclosed fuel bed
  • Multifunction remote control including dimmer
  • Discreet manual override control panel
  • Choice of fuel effects: White pebbles/Glass beads or with Log & Embers as cost option
  • 2 heat settings 1000w/2000w
  • Shown in Ivory Cream
  • Also available in Pastel Grey
  • Choice of OmniGlide Fire front

For the heating and controls a multi functional remote comes as standard including a dimmer as well as a discreet override control panel and the heating has 2 settings of either 1kW or 2kW. The lighting of the fire is also LED and so costs much less to run than conventional bulbs and the sides are lit by separate 16 color suite lighting for you to make it even more personalized.

Dimensions (mm)

a b c
1500 350 960