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Onyx Avanti Gas fires all exhibit our alluring EchoFlame Black Glass Lining, which offers a reflective backdrop for mesmerising layered flame visuals. Combining the mystique of this feature with an ultra-realistic, hand-painted oak log-effect, these premium fires drive at picture-perfect quality.

 Heat output: Up to 4.5kW heat output (Avanti 65) and 5.4kW heat output (Avanti 85)
 High Efficiency: 78.4% (Avanti 65) and 77.9% (Avanti 85)
 Energy Efficiency Class: D
 Fully Sequential Thermostatic Remote Control
 EchoFlame™ Black Glass Lining
 Hand-painted Split Oak Log-effect
 Choice of Frame Options
 Top and Rear Flue Exit
 Natural Gas and LPG Models


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