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The Cougar Inset is a sturdy cast-iron inset stove sporting a large glass window to allow for the maximum view. A convection chamber allows cold air to enter below the stove and pass up through the chamber whilst warming up and then re-enters the room through vents above the stove door creating an increased efficiency.

Cast Tec Cougar Inset Stove

    • multi-fuel grate for wood burning or smokeless fuels
    • primary air burn (control on door)
    • airwash secondary burn (lever on right of door)
    • convection chamber increases efficiency
    • 10 year conditional warranty
    Nominal Heat Output Up to 5kW
    Construction Cast-iron
    Weight 75Kg
    Fuel Outlet 125mm (5")
    Efficiency Wood 78.5%
    Efficiency Anthracite 75.7%
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