Chimney Sweep & Stove Servicing

Chimney Sweep & Stove Servicing
At Hearth & Homes we use our own fitters who are Hetas registered and have years of experience with many different stoves and chimneys as they also do our installations too.

Chimney Sweeping
Before any work is done the fitters will make sure the floor and surrounding area is protected by dust sheets. After the sweep is completed everything will be put back in place and resealed if necessary then a smoke test will be done which takes another few minutes to make sure the chimney is still safe and that nothing is escaping through cracks in the chimney that may have developed over time. It is recommended you have your chimney swept at least once a year, more often if it is used heavily through the year.

Stove Health Check
When you purchase a stove from us at Hearth & Homes you have the benefit of a free health check and consumable parts at discounted prices. Consumable parts consist of the fire bricks, baffle, grate and log guard. Consumable parts all stand up to high temperatures and will need replacing and servicing for correct and optimal operation and longer lasting and more effective life of the stove.

Stove Servicing
A stove service includes stripping the stove pieces out and inspecting them and then putting the stove back together. It is required for most stove warranties that your stove is serviced once a year to make sure it is safe as well as to make sure it’s running well and efficiently.

Chimney Sweep Cost – £50 (For Open Fires & Stoves)
Health Check – £40 (For Stoves)
Chimney Sweep & Service – £75 (For Open Fires & Stoves)

To arrange a chimney sweep or service give us a call at 01482 645397 or 640047.