Stovax – Riva 76 Inset Woodburning Stove


  • 9kw Nominal Output


Riva 76 – Woodburning Stove

This is the Riva 76 by Stovax, the largest cassette in the Riva range, unlike the smaller counterparts of the Riva range the Riva 76 stove is a woodburning stove and not multi-fuel. The view of the stove is increased in size due to the large glass panel and is also clear because of the airwash system keeping the glass clean for you. The Riva 76 also incorporates an ‘Opti-Burn’ setting as well as the Riva 55 and Riva 66 for the maximum fuel efficiency. Extra options available are the fan-assisted convection kit, providing a boost of warm air into the room immediately by simply touching a switch. Another option is the ducting system which allows you to distribute some of the heat to other parts of the same room or to adjacent spaces. The cassette fire and frame also come in a choice of Stovax’s Storm or Jet Black metallic paint finishes. You also have the choice of 4 extra frame colours which are metallic Red, metallic Blue, metallic Bronze or Ivory. Key Facts:
-Dimensions – (WxHxD) 862mm x 678mm x 395mm
-Maximum Heat Output – 9kW
-Maximum Heat Efficiency – 78%
-Stainless Steel Ashpan
-Maximum Log Length – 20″ (510mm)
-Flue Connection (Internal Diameter) – 6″ (153mm)

Stovax - Riva 76 5

Stovax - Riva 76 4

Stovax - Riva 76 3

Stovax - Riva 76 1

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