Stovax – Riva 50 Multi-Fuel Stove


  • 7kw Nominal Output
  • Multifuel
  • DEFRA approved


This is the multifuel Riva 50 from Stovax giving the option of coal and anthracite etc as well as just using wood logs. Thus with it you get all of the traditional uses of multifuel stoves with the design and look of a modern fire and options to tweak the look with the frame options available.

Not only do you get more uses with a modern stove but you also get a much higher efficiency with the maximum efficiency being 83% and nominal heat output at 7.0kW and to keep the look inside the stove clear with the airwash feature included as standard with the stove.

Also, the option of a fan-assisted convection circulation kit delivers the heat quicker into the room without decreasing the combustion inside the stove. The Riva 50 also has been approved for burning wood in Smoke Contol Areas when fitted with an optional Smoke Control Kit

Key Facts:
-Nominal Heat Output 7.0kW
-Maximum Efficiency = 83%
-Maximum log length = 350mm (13.75″)
-Flue Connection (Internal Diameter) = 128mm (5″)

Stovax - Riva 50 Multi Fuel 2
Stovax - Riva 50 Multi Fuel 1

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