HETA Oura 100 with side windows


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Oura is the newest stove in the product range from Heta. A slim, smart designed wood­burning stove with a huge front glass, which gives a fantastic view to the flames. Also with aluminium handles and trims to give it the final touch. With a large output of 7kw, the Oura range is perfect for a larger room.

The Oura series is available in many different options which include the choice of steel, soapstone, granite and coloured ceramic side panels and the option of side windows when fitted with steel sides.

The stylish Oura stoves are available in 13 splendid modern ceramic colours, allowing them to be uniquely customised to the user’s taste. (See images below) 


Oura models can also be supplied with a stylish and modern high-gloss Shanxi granite finish, resulting in a very exclusive look.

Starting at £2399 – for a full list of prices, please give us a call.

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