Thorma – Atika


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The Atika is a Smoke Exempt free standing stove which can burn wood in a Smoke Control zone. The wood-burning stove features molded vermiculite and a large viewing glass window.

The Atika features ceramic tiles which hold heat and gradually releases the warmth over a period of time. There is also the option for a refractory concrete which radiates heat of up to 9 hours after the fire has been extinguished. A perfect choice for modern living spaces.

The Atika is available in Claret Red, White Satin and Black.


  • Weight – 124kg
  • Nominal Output – 7.5kW
  • Regulation Range – 3.8 ÷ 11.2kW
  • Heat Capacity – 98 ÷ 190 m3
  • Flue Outlet – Top
  • Fuel – Wood
  • Flue Gas Flow – Wood – 6.9/8.1 g/s
  • Draught – 12 Pa

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