Gazco – Studio Slimline

Maximum Heat Output – 4.25kW
Maximum Efficiency – 82%



The Studio 1 Slimline from Gaczco offers look and style with the Gazco Studio range, along with a slimmer firebox designed specifically cavity wall installation.
Not only this but the Studio 1 Slimline also has a multitude of styling options with a variety of finishes, fuel beds & linings as well as sizes of the frames varying with each one available.
Whichever option you choose be it the realistic log bed or the modern appeal of the white stones the Studio 1 is always efficient with a maximum efficiency of 82%. The Studio 1 Slimline also comes with a thermostatic remote pre-programmed to only control your fire allowing you to control your gas fire without having to get up from the comfort of your sofa.
Fuel Bed Options:
-White Stones
-Glass Beads – Red, Clear or Black
Lining Options:
-Black Reeded
-Brick Effect
Finishes Available:
-Anthracite (Bauhaus & Profil)
-Polished Stainless Steel (Bauhauas & Profil)
-Graphite (Steel 2 & Verve)
-Iridium (Steel 2)
-Black Glass (Glass)
-Metallic Red (Steel 2, Bauhaus, Profil & Verve)
-Metallic Blue (Steel 2, Bauhaus, Profil & Verve)
-Metallic Bronze (Steel 2, Bauhaus, Profil & Verve)
-Ivory (Steel 2, Bauhaus, Profil & Verve)
Dimensions Of Frames (Width x Height in mm):
-Edge – 745 x 416
-Profil – 836 x 510
-Bauhaus – 850 x 524
-Steel 2 – 1264 x 528
-Verve – 1264 x 528
-Glass – 1264 x 528

Gazco - Studio 1 Slimline 6

Gazco - Studio 1 Slimline 5

Gazco - Studio 1 Slimline 4

Gazco - Studio 1 Slimline 3

Gazco - Studio 1 Slimline 2

Gazco - Studio 1 Slimline 1


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